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Here are some common questions that you might have.

Who are we?

GlocalPanel is an ISO-certified healthcare market research company. Since 2010 we have collected the opinions of experts, with the objective of improving products and services in the healthcare industry worldwide.

Our current healthcare panel consists of allied and non-allied healthcare professionals across 32 countries. GlocalPanel belongs to GlocalMind, an ISO-certified company and member of Ephmra, Esomar, BHBIA, Intellus, Insights Assoc. and Relevant ID.

What do we do?

We conduct online market research surveys for leading healthcare companies on topics around health. We provide them with information through surveys and feedback from physicians which enables them to carry out extensive research for future medical needs.

How we do it?

We invite our members to surveys. Those surveys are specific to the field of specialization of our panelists, which ensures participation in the most relevant topics.

What is the criteria to join GlocalPanel?

If you are practicing as a Physician (any specialty) or Allied Healthcare Professional, you are eligible to be a registered panelist with us.

What do I get being member of GlocalPanel?

We reward you for sharing your opinion and time with an incentive according to the Fair Market Value for every completed survey.

How is the incentive paid?

You can get either Amazon Electronic Gift Card or a PayPal transfer.

Do I need to register to participate in a survey?

Yes, only after registration and verification, can you be eligible for participating in surveys and earn incentives.

How can I unsubscribe if I wish to?

You can find a tab called 'unsubscribe' in your profile page. Click on it once to deregister from the panel.

How about my confidentiality?

You can be assured that your privacy and the confidentiality of your information are our number one priority. All data that GlocalPanel collects in our research studies are aggregated. Individual information is never reviewed or published without your consent, as it is irrelevant to the research conducted by our clients.

How can I contact GlocalPanel for any query?

You can always contact us at support@glocalmind.com.
Our DPO Prithvi R. is also available at prithvi.r@glocalmind.com, whenever you have any doubts or concerns related to data privacy.