How it Works
  • Enroll

    GlocalPanel is an online research portal that allows you to complete surveys at your convenience.Membership is free and it only requires the filling out of a brief registration survey.

  • Profile Verification

    GlocalPanel is not open to everyone.Only healthcare and allied healthcare professionals can be part of this panel.And hence we contact you either through email,telephone or fax to reconfirm the same.

  • Survey Invitation

    We will send you the survey invitation through email. The studies you are invited to will be selected based on your medical specialisation and member profile. This assures that you will be participating in the studies most relevant to your core medical competency.

  • You Participate

    When you receive an e-mail invitation,you just click on the link to begin the survey. It is that simple. You may complete the survey at a time convenient for you. If you are unable to finish the survey immediately you may return to it at a later time.

  • Receive Honorarium

    Honoraria range from USD 50 to USD 400 in value. The payment mode is through a VISA PREPAID DEBIT card or by Bank Cheque/Check.You will receive your pre-disclosed honorarium 1-3 weeks after the successful completion of a survey.