Members Benefits
• GlocalPanel invites all healthcare professionals to join our group of ever-growing experts with free membership. It entitles you to participate in online surveys catering to leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.
• GlocalPanel members enjoy first priority to participate in surveys of their choice before being offered to non members. Due to multiple surveys running simultaneously at any given time our members can avail maximum benefit from the available opportunities.
• At GlocalPanel we strive to design our surveys precisely to enable maximum acceptable output and also avoid our members getting screened out of studies they choose to participate in.
• We reward our members with competent honorariums and also make sure it reaches them on time and through VISA prepaid debit cardwhich is universally accepted.
• We update our members with latest news and advancements in the medical field which may help to enhance their own knowledge and skills
• We insure complete protection of our members´ identity.